Best Topics To Write An Argumentative Essay On: 15 Examples

Writing an argumentative essay shouldn’t be hard. But when it comes to developing a great topic it seems the assignment is almost impossible to overcome. We’re making it easy for you with this list of best topics to use for your argumentative essay assignment on:

  1. Should companies provide mandatory partial pay paternity leave with benefits for fathers who have recently had a newborn so that they could stay home and help care for their families?

  2. Do you think that farmers and manufacturers who genetically modify their food should be held under stricter regulations when it comes to the distribution of their products?

  3. Should there be a law in the United States requiring foods that have been genetically modified to carry a label? What would this mean for the food and agriculture industry?

  4. Do you think it’s a good idea for network television companies to continually place reality shows in prime time slots? What do you think are their biggest reasons for doing this in the first place?

  5. Should your community leaders make greater efforts to promote behaviors that help the local environment? For instance, should money be spent on carpooling and recycling programs?

  6. Do you believe that professional athletes are overpaid, underpaid or are paid appropriately in accordance to how much revenue they generate for the owners and sponsors?

  7. Do you believe that students are not learning as much as they should in high school to prepare them for the challenges of adult life? Should the standards of education be raised?

  8. Do you think schools should make it mandatory to offer core curriculum courses in other languages in order to improve their chances of success in learning core subjects?

  9. Do you think it’s good for parents to censor websites that contain inappropriate content to protect their teenagers? At what age do you think it is okay for censorship to stop?

  10. Make the case for a book that you have read that isn’t already a part of the educational curriculum which you think should be added as required reading for others at your school?

  11. After high school graduation a lot of students decide to go to college or university, but others decide to take some time off for travel. Which do you think is better of the two choices?

  12. Imagine that you have been given the task of writing a brochure to attract foreigners to visit your home town. Make the case for why people from other countries should visit?

  13. Do you think it is important for politicians to make their private lives public? Would this affect how more people would vote when it comes to the people who control political office?

  14. Do you think more of the world’s leading nations should make collaborative commitments to deep space or deep sea exploration? What would be the most important reasons to do so?

  15. How do you feel about allowing computer access to every elementary student in school? What would be the most effective ways of funding this without drastically raising taxes?

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