Composing a great essay outline on gay marriage

Gay marriage has been an issue that has been coming in newspapers and debate shows recently. With the present society asking for laws to make gay marriage legal, it is a hot topic. Gay marriage has been made legal in many countries, yet there are countries that treat gays like infidels. A research paper on gay marriage is likely to fetch good grades because of the limited amount of work done in this field. Even though many newspapers and news channels have covered the issue, not much academic work is available. It is a good step in their support to do some substantial academic research work on this issue. It will help bring to light many data and facts to the fore front. However, because it is such a new topic, you might find it difficult to construct a framework. Here are a few tips to help you.

Title page

Like all other research papers your paper too must have a title page. If your topic needs a subtitle you must mention it here. If you are working on an aspect of gay marriage, state it.


The abstract is very important as it is a miniature version of your whole research paper. You must summarize the whole paper. Keep in mind that you can’t write down all the points that are elucidated in your body proper. Remember to flash the important points. Try to put the important data, treatment of gays in some countries, measure taken to ensure that the countries laws are liberal to the gays, etc in your abstract. It is also a good idea to identify the problems in the later part of the abstract. It makes your reader want to read the rest of the research paper.


Every research paper must have a background. In your background you can mention anything, from the reason why you took on this topic to the need for such issues to take centre stage. It is completely your choice, but it must be a reasonable one.

Literature review

This is the part where you must describe in detail the research you have done and present the material. Remember to give more importance to facts and examples from real life as it is a social issue. Identify the problems and talk about the intricacies of the topic.


You must make chapters according to the material you have got; problems, history, present conditions, laws, etc.


Provide a solution to the problem of discrimination to gay marriage.

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