A Handful Of The Most Interesting Extended Essay Topics In Biology

To write a good extended essay in biology, it’s important to find an interesting topic to discuss. Some students struggle with selecting ideas for their biology papers because there are so many questions in this field that can be researched. If you have problems with choosing a topic, take a look at a list of ideas proposed by professionals and select one of them.

Interesting Biology Topics for an Extended Essay

  1. Rewriting human DNA: is it possible in the near future?
  2. Slowing down the aging: do scientists have any progress?
  3. Stem cells can be a solution to many health-related problems.
  4. Cloning extinct animals: fantasies of moviemakers or reality?
  5. The usage of viruses as biological weapons.
  6. Ways to save species that go extinct.
  7. The minimum conditions that a life form needs to exist.
  8. Treating heart-related problems with the help of 3D-prinitng.
  9. Using nanotechnology to fight bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
  10. The scientific perspective on the traditional medicine.

Sources to Compose Your Extended Essay for You

If you cannot select a good topic for your paper or don’t have enough time to write it, you may hire someone else to do this. Here are the options that you can use:

  • Ask a student for assistance.
  • A classmate who has excellent writing skills and good knowledge of biology may write a decent paper for you. If they agree to help you, their price shouldn’t be high.

  • Find a local academic writer.
  • In your city, you may look for specialists who write academic papers for students in exchange for money. Hiring such a writer, you’re likely to get a paper that will earn you a high score.

  • Cooperate with an online writing service.
  • You should use this option if you want to make regular orders and purchase different types of academic papers.

  • Hire a freelance writer.
  • If you cannot find a good local expert and you don’t plan to establish long-term cooperation with your writer, you may hire a freelancer on a large job board who will agree to write your paper and prove that they’re qualified enough for this task.

So, to write an interesting paper in biology, you may either select one of the topics given above or use them as inspiration and come up with your own unique idea. The main thing is that the topic you choose should be genuinely interesting to you.

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