Good Persuasive Essay Topics For College – 25 Suggestions

A persuasive essay needs to be captivating for it to be one of the best you have ever done so far. The following are some of the best persuasive essay topics that you can present for your college paper:

  1. Discuss the use of phones by students in elementary school

  2. Explain the importance of uniforms to the education system

  3. Discuss the reason why using hands-free devices while driving should be illegal

  4. Rabid dogs that have bitten someone should be put down. Discuss

  5. Explain the importance of setting a uniform code for teachers

  6. Discuss the role of the government in internet censorship

  7. Suspected terrorists should be detained without trial. Discuss

  8. Children who commit violent crimes should be tried as adults. Discuss

  9. Discuss the need for the government to legalize and regulate prostitution

  10. Sports betting must be regulated. Discuss with an emphasis on taxes and the economy

  11. Discuss how kids with a 3.0 GPA living in temporary homes can be supported

  12. Discuss the wage patterns for women and men in the construction industry

  13. Discuss the need for large corporations to employ an apportioned number of the minorities

  14. Critically examine the learning situation where students are forcefully made to repeat certain classes, and the impact that this has on their morale

  15. People who are caught drunk driving are supposed to lose their licenses for a year. Discuss

  16. Music videos and channels like MTV should not be accessible to kids under the age of 13. Discuss

  17. Alcohol manufacturers are not supposed to be allowed to advertise on TV. Discuss

  18. Propose certain possibilities to legislation within the country that can help deal with population growth

  19. Discuss the need to allow kids as young as 14 to hold jobs where necessary

  20. Over the years there has been an increase in the number of school dropouts who follow their passion and become successful. Use this as a means of addressing the failings of the educational system

  21. Discuss the plight of schools with low standardized test scores

  22. Unhealthy fast food products are supposed to be sold with warning labels. Discuss

  23. Critically examine the need for scientists to use animals for as test subjects

  24. Discuss the challenge of accidental doping in professional sports

  25. Critically examine doctor assisted suicides and the ethical challenges thereof

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