Discursive Essay Topics: 15 Examples For High School

At times, a student must have a collection of essay topics if he or she wants to play safe in academia. In fact, this is becoming the norm lately because you can hardly tell what is likely to feature in your exams. The better and early enough you prepare the better for you. There is agreeably no short cut to good literary composition. First and foremost, a student should read extensively as this is the primary means of getting good grades. Depending on the subject or course you are taking, it is also important to note that there are instances where unique approaches are a necessary evil. For example, a writing style for math does not apply to a writing style for literature. This means that, the way any subject ought to be studied is equally different. When it comes to essay writing, students are supposed to be endowed with such skills as creativity, originality and uniqueness. There is definitely no day you will copy and paste existing article and expect to get good grades out of it. In fact, you could end up even punished for such an act referred to as plagiarism.

Articles composed in academia vary in type and one of them is discursive writing. But all of them are useful for you because when you become a pro at writing such papers, you will be able to pick one of great article writing jobs online. Definitely, this is the type of literary composition where a student is supposed to engage liberally in discussing issues. Many times, discursive writing seeks to answer the question why and how. This means a student must be open minded when composition a discursive essay. Another important factor in discursive writing is the topic. It must qualify as discursive or else your article could count for something else. Well, in this post, we take a look at examples of discursive topics for high school.

  • Global warming in postmodern world. Is global warming and reality and what threats does it pose to humanity? Discuss

  • Effect of gender stereotypes in job performance. Are women truly a weaker gender when it comes to job performance?

  • Female gender mutilation. Discuss the impacts of FGM on girl child education in third world countries

  • Technology in the classroom. How has technology affected learner-teacher participation in a classroom setting? Discuss in a few paragraphs

  • Foster care. Discuss the impacts of foster care in rescuing street children and taking them to school

  • The case of global terrorism. What measures is your government putting in place to curb radicalization?

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