How Do You Write A Response Essay On Romeo And Juliet?

As one of the most famous pieces of work written by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet is a piece of work that students will often have to write about in a wide variety of different academic work. For example, you may have been asked to write a response essay based on the play. If this is the case, then you may be wondering what this form of work will require you to do.

Understanding what you need to do the work

Before you can understand how to write the work, you need to understand what the purpose of the work is. Essentially, you should be discussing the play in relation to how you felt about it. For example, you should discuss any emotions that you might have felt whilst reading the work, as well as potentially whether you thought it was a good or bad piece of written content.

As well as discussing how you felt about the work, you may wish to also include a variety of other details, such as whether or not you felt you could identify with the situations that were being discussed. Of course, Romeo Juliet was written many hundreds of years ago; however, many of the themes in the work are still relevant in the 21st century. For example, you may wish to look at the various themes in the play, and whether you can identify with them, as well as individual plots, characters or scenarios.

As well as trying to establish whether or not you can identify with the characters, and how the work made you feel, you can also try and discuss what you feel is the best way to evaluate the play that you read.

Planning and writing the work

Before you start doing anything, it is advisable to create some form of plan. As part of your plan, you should outline how you wish to approach the work, and which things you will be discussing. You can then decide what structure your work will take, including potentially how many paragraphs you will have, and what details you will include in each paragraph.

When writing the work, you should aim to try and get as many ideas down on paper as possible in the first draft, before gradually perfecting things in subsequent drafts. Finally, you can proofread and edit my essay online to eliminate mistakes. This will help you get higher grades.

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